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Web3.0 Creation Lab

We invite luxury brands to retail in Lux Bazaar & Create and manage their 3D NFTs and content for Cross-Metaverse compatibility.

NFT marketplace

Sell these NFT as 

  1. Tradeable cross-game assets

  2. Mortgageable assets

  3. Avatar Skins  for your Meta-life

The meta-store

We create enriched gamified  experiences, Usable NFTs  and engagement for your communities with Virtual try-ons​ 

How we work ?

If you are seeking a more exciting path to begin building your own Luxury  NFT collection, look no more.  Our curated luxury assets are  rare, and transposable between platforms using Metaverse council's MTTP blockchain protocol  & generative A.I. to create virtual 3D assets. 



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