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Metaverse-as-a-Service (MAAS) for fashion design to art displays, creatives ways to both demo works before it comes to the real world 




For influencers & creators looking to host more curated and controlled experiences



For all visitors & creators looking to visit, host exhibitions, meetups, and live events

Note. Event should not be longer than 80 Minutes


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Utlize an incredibly powerful M-commerce solution for web 3.0; a complete platform for 

Free Features

  • Create a public space to host NFT art exhibitions, meet ups, and live events.

  • Upload your content in one click (images, videos, and 3D files)

  • Host up to 50 people in a room

  • Upload or buy a custom 3D environment

  • MetaMask, Google, & Apple

  • Create a lifelike 3D avatar from a selfie 

  • MetaMask/Google Drive/OneDrive file upload integration

  • Share your screen into the space

  • Create Sticky Notes to leave messages in your space

  • Enjoy any game/experience in our world

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Everything in free, plus:

  • Token Gating Access to Spaces

  • Overflow Groups: allowing up to 500 people to experience a Space with instancing. (50 people per Space, with overflow up to 10 Spaces)

  • Host Tools, including view only mode, muting and removing participants, and designating hosts

  • Live translation

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  • IRL product integration with NFT

  • Instant Approval for NFT land parcel sale - though purchase or mortgage on Taaj Alley in Lux Bazaar

  • Custom wearable asset creation 

  • Krifin Lab Support for custom development project

  • Custom event hosting support

  • NFT land Mortgage access

  • Access to Krifin CAMLAB support

  • Gamified retail experience

  • Custom NFA 2.0

  • All area access pass for representatives

  • 24 X7 Personalized customer support 

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