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Exchange, Purchase and Sell Carbon Credits

India’s first agro-carbon exchange for digital carbon offsetting


24/7 Liquidity 



Empowering smallholder farmers through sustainable project implementations like agroforestry and sustainable energy parks, we combat climate change and generate financial rewards. We guide farmers in adopting sustainable practices, transforming their land into carbon-capturing ecosystems. The resulting certified carbon credits are then sold to environmentally conscious corporations, enabling them to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our transparent and secure online platform empowers farmers to participate in the global carbon market, ensuring they receive a significant share (80%) of the total revenue generated. This model fosters environmental responsibility, empowers rural communities, and drives positive climate action.

Buy Carbon Offset for your Industry

We understand offsetting is a last resort and every effort should be made to reduce emissions within businesses and industries but if you need to offset, we ensure you have the world’s most responsible options available.

Krifin empowers you to take decisive action on climate change, offering a seamless platform to invest in carbon reduction projects and manage your carbon footprint

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Buy carbon offsets

Choose a project and quantity. Create a profile and get connected. Retire instantly, or purchase and hold digital carbon

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Sell carbon offsets

Digitize your carbon by using a supported bridge. Contact us to create a seller profile. Sell your digital carbon directly to buyers

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CER/VER Trading 

Real-time price and transaction data powered by the blockchain. All our assets sourced from major registries. We provide instant settlement of all trades.

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How we work ?

Krifin allows buyers and sellers to trade cash for carbon offsets (or credits) in real time. We welcome any registered company that wishes to buy or sell carbon offsets registered under the Gold Standard, VERRA or United Nations CDM.

Financial support encourages smallholder farmers to plant trees, co-benefits encourage large corporates to invest in carbon removal units. So doing the right thing is as straightforward and profitable as possible for everyone.

Technology is what makes our mission possible in the first place. Using Blockchain, Digital twin, LIDAR and satellite imagery, we audit the credits and monitor the project progress. It's quick, it's verifiable, and it's scalable.

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