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Invest in the Green Energy Parks for a Greener Planet

Decentralized Investments backed by warranties earning 54% APR,

helping to protect the environment by powering Clean Energy

How it works ?

We intend to empower the nation by delivering reliable power to each and every home while also creating value for our investors. This way, we can continue to ensure a positive impact on India’s power connectivity and infrastructure development while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to our unitholders. As India gears towards embracing green energy, we look forward to enabling ownership of renewable energy assets under IndiGrid, in line with our vision and mission of becoming the most admired yield vehicle in Asia.


The demand for clean energy grows with government subsidies around the world. Krifin InvITs based Clean Energy DAO is an autonomous decentralized organization that governs exploration opportunities in the clean energy market, covering the process of installing clean energy power plants to meet pre-contracted energy demands by Triple A industrial customers in energy supply contracts of 20 years, with the subsequent sale of these contracts to Financial Agents through securitization, distributing the profit from the operation to token holders, all in a period of just 12 months.

As an average standard, for every $1 invested in the DAO for the implementation of a power plant, there is the generation of nearly $5 in contracts of future receivables on the sale of energy, which in turn are traded with top-tier banks at an average value of $3 for the securitization (anticipation of the receivable). So, after deducting the operating cost, the installation cost of the power plant and the cost of selling the energy contract to the Bank for anticipating the receivable or setting up FIDICs, a fixed return of $1.54 is obtained for the DAO investor within the 12 month period. After the distribution of dividends to token holders, after a period of 12 months, the DAO is extinguished, completing the operation.

Solar Panels


Krifin is helping shift to renewable and green energy by actively crowdsourcing new green energy production around the world with a special focus on the enegy transition for agriculture sector.


Our DAO aim to become the world's largest decentralized green energy producer. Krifin choose to invest and get ownership in utility scale green energy parks and through various solutions and technologies. We work to create value, for the DAO investors and thus for the DAO members.


Solar Panels in Mountains
Solar Power Station


The farms where the power plants are installed are held by Krifin's  DAO as collateral throughout the installation process, start of production and completion of the sale of the receivable contract on the energy produced.

The implementation of a power plant has 5 equal installation stages of 20% each. The disbursement of financial resources collected by the DAO is also divided into 5 stages of 20%. A disbursement stage only occurs when the previous stage of implementation of the plant is completed, with the real estate asset of implementing the project being held in favor of the DAO during the entire implementation process as collateral.

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