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Meet. Play. Shop.

Experience the Luxury 

Experience the vibes & extravagance of a shopping arcade, casino, night clubs, fashion shows & IRL Sports bets In VR with your friends from around the world in the House of Luxury 
By The House of Krifin 
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A curated Luxury exhibition for  buyers & Visitors to experience gamified experiences by select premium luxury brands from across the globe.

About Us


House of Krifin is a creative agency harnessing advanced technologies to build a sustainable future for the Art, Design, XR, Automotive, Industrial, Aviation, Military, Defense & Luxury Industry.


We work directly with clients and collaborators, specializing in everything digital including 3D motion and animation to visuals and experiential installation Thereby, creating a High value Metaverse NFT based blockchain asset for Brands.


We handle creative both in-house and through our extensive team of creatives who we truly consider to be the best of the best.

OUR MISSION: HELP BRANDS, COMPANIES & INSTITUTION DEVELOP AND DISTRIBUTE A NEW ASSET CLASS: NFTS which are Unique & carbon neutral in an new immersive reality.


“We are entrepreneurs, XR -blockchain tech enthusiasts building the future of Metaverse, & bridging the gap between physical & digital products of high valued customers.“


- CEO, Krifin

NFT Economy

01.  Get Invited 

Any brands may request for approval to display their products in Krifin land for a limited period retail display. You may share a request at for further details. 


02. Exhibition 

Each brand can exhibit their products from a period of maximum of 4 days on a paid basis.  Your community can try out every product from the comfort of your homes. along with Gamified interaction

03. Wearables NFT assets

 Use our interoperable NFTs architecture  in any metaverse or digital world or games as an asset. Invest & then, trade your assets with your peers. Moreover, the underlying ledger authenticates every product & protects against counterfeit. 

We invite select luxury brands with gen-z focus to develop experiences in the Lux Bazaar - Metaverse.


In our city of Las Vegas Irreales, Immerse yourself in our metaverse club's thrilling activities, make new friends & Say good-bye to endless scrolling, social isolation, and anxiety. Think Las Vegas, Think Los Irreales.

Why us ?

Metaverse showcase

We provide you with our platform, KrifinX for Metaverse your Product launch, displays, exhibitions on a rental basis. 

3D-AI Metaverse Influencers 

World's first custom  A.I. metaverse influencer PR management & marketing company 

Custom immersive storytelling

We create immersive experiences and engaging AGI games that resonate with brand ethos to connect with customers

Web3 Branding 

Exclusively dedicated to NFT, Web3 and Metaverse marketing for companies, startups and individuals. 

NFT Consultancy & strategzing 

Our team of NFT experts will help you go next level in Web3.  We create NFTs  with use-case and real world benefits.

Community Tokenomics

Our team of crypto & gaming economist create financial models for a profitable virtual world economy.

Web3.0 Creation Lab

We invite luxury brands to retail in Lux Bazaar & Create and manage their 3D NFTs and content for Cross-Metaverse compatibility.

NFT marketplace

Sell these NFT as 

  1. Tradeable cross-game assets

  2. Mortgageable assets

  3. Avatar Skins  for your Meta-life

The meta-store

We create enriched gamified  experiences, Usable NFTs  and engagement for your communities with Virtual try-ons​ 

How we work ?
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