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About Us


House of Krifin is a creative agency harnessing advanced technologies to build a sustainable future for the Art, Design, XR, Automotive, Industrial, Aviation, Military, Defense & Luxury Industry.


We work directly with clients and collaborators, specializing in everything digital including 3D motion and animation to visuals and experiential installation Thereby, creating a High value Metaverse NFT based blockchain asset for Brands.


We handle creative both in-house and through our extensive team of creatives who we truly consider to be the best of the best.

OUR MISSION: HELP BRANDS, COMPANIES & INSTITUTION DEVELOP AND DISTRIBUTE A NEW ASSET CLASS: NFTS which are Unique & carbon neutral in an new immersive reality.


“We are entrepreneurs, XR -blockchain tech enthusiasts building the future of Metaverse, & bridging the gap between physical & digital products of high valued customers.“


- CEO, Krifin

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