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We are a Metaverse Company

A curated range of art & luxury in our virtual House for a true & authentic Luxury experience

India's First all digital modelling & Avatar influencer management agency. 


a  real time 3D search engine  for  metaverse, games, VR & MR platforms.

Our Products

Our work has been recognized by prominent industry leaders

Google  startup Ventures 

Metaverse Council 

Meta (Formly. Facebook)

IIM Ahmedabad 

Who are we 

We are a Web3 storytelling company that leads the way in metaverse marketing and connects brands with web3 consumers

Why us ?

Metaverse showcase

We provide you with our platform, KrifinX for Metaverse your Product launch, displays, exhibitions on a rental basis. 

3D-AI Metaverse Influencers 

World's first custom  A.I. metaverse influencer PR management & marketing company 

Custom immersive storytelling

We create immersive experiences and engaging AGI games that resonate with brand ethos to connect with customers

Web3 Branding 

Exclusively dedicated to NFT, Web3 and Metaverse marketing for companies, startups and individuals. 

NFT Consultancy & strategzing 

Our team of NFT experts will help you go next level in Web3.  We create NFTs  with use-case and real world benefits.

Community Tokenomics

Our team of crypto & gaming economist create financial models for a profitable virtual world economy.

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